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  1. I want to be a certified cuddler and work for you here in Portland! I just learned about this and I congratulate you on this movement towards consent and platonic touch. What is my first step?

  2. In your experience, How have persons dealing with issues related to sexual abuse tolerate the participation in Certified Cuddling sessions?

    • Our hands on training program goes over these types of situations in detail to ensure our professionals have all the training and experience to ensure the safety ans comfort of all parties involved. Without proper training it can be extremely damaging for someone who has experienced trauma of any kind.

    • We would love to have you join us. If you are looking for our online certification it is important that you first thoroughly read this entire page: Online Certification Requirements

      If you are comfortable with everything required to get your certification you can then click here to purchase the course.

      Once you add the course to your cart the page will redirect to the Cart where you follow the prompts to enter in your information and complete your purchase. On the receipt page when you are all done a link will be available for you to click on to immediately begin the coursework!

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