Description of certification options

Every certification program will include the same rules, guidelines and an oath to ensure we are all following the same industry standards and acting in an appropriate manner. The website will evolve into a clear description of rules, intentions, and concepts as well as listings for each certified cuddler and contact information (Facebook, email, website, etc.) that you give to us so we can send people to you directly! You will set your own pricing, and we will not take a dime from you outside of the costs of certification and recertification. We are the only company that currently allows you to keep every dollar you make from your sessions!

We have created a 3 tiered level of certification to allow those who are interested to have opportunities to test the waters or work up to becoming the gold standard of the industry carrying out services with the most comprehensive knowledge, skills and abilities. Each certification is annually renewable for a $49 fee with some basic requirements to ensure you are maintaining your knowledge and skill set. You will be in charge of your future, but we will be here to support, guide and care for you along the way. (We provide the basic knowledge of how to run this type of business, but different locations have different laws concerning the viability of this service. We recommend you seek out additional counsel to determine the legalities of this service in your area prior to signing up if you are unsure.)

Here’s what will be covered in the different certification trainings:

Online Certification (Bronze level- one time fee of $199 plus $49 annual renewal to maintain certification)

**NOTE: Online Certification coming soon!**

This is a very simple and quick introduction to professional cuddling. You should be able to complete this certification in about 30 hours. We will cover the basics in a completely online version with the help of your local support system to try out cuddle poses and concepts to help give you an idea if this is something you want to devote yourself to fully.

The online certification program includes:

  • Video instruction of 12 popular cuddle poses and how to maintain proper boundaries in each
  • A pdf manual that will cover the basics of:
  • — Business practices and client forms
  • — Safety/security guidelines
  • — Consultation guidelines
  • — Guidelines for running sessions
  • — Emergency instruction
  • — Self care
  • 5 trial sessions with people you trust and a survey from each to confirm standards are met
  • A quiz to ensure you have learned all required material
  • A bronze level certification and a basic listing on certifiedcuddlers.com

    2 Day Hands on Training (Silver level- one time fee of $900-$1,600* plus $49 annual renewal to maintain certification)

    *discounts for advanced booking

    This program has a paper manual that is sent ahead of time with many of the cuddle poses and basic information that most people will feel comfortable learning without face to face instruction in about 20 hours including practice sessions completed with friends and family prior to arrival. Once you have the basics down you will schedule a time to visit Portland, Oregon to complete the more challenging concepts and get direct feedback from Samantha Hess to ensure you have all the tools and practice you need to thrive as a true professional.

    We will cover the following on site:

  • Up to 20 hours of in person training in a group of no more than 8 always lead by Samantha Hess
  • The full arsenal of cuddle poses, currently over 60 will be practiced and perfected.
  • Personalized feedback from Samantha Hess on poses, hand placement, speed and pressure of movement and implied intention.
  • Basic instruction on what poses to use and in what order to ensure productive sessions to meet individual client’s needs.
  • Detailed business practice guidelines
  • Client forms and business administration forms
  • Detailed safety/security guidelines
  • Personalized feedback and instruction for running consultations effectively
  • Feedback and practice running sessions prior to engaging with real clients
  • Media guidelines
  • Social media guidelines
  • Emergency guidelines
  • Basic information on handling difficult clients (boundary pushers, understanding the needs of clients with physical/mental challenges, trauma victims, fetishes, etc.)
  • Verbiage for guiding sessions
  • Customization options for cuddle poses
  • Personalized feedback on your business logos, website, social media pages, etc. from Samantha Hess
  • 5 trial sessions with active clients of Cuddle Up To Me with feedback from each person

    40 Hour Hands on Training:

    This program is taught completely in person with no required prep work prior to arrival. You will have the ability to receive immediate feedback on all questions and instruction. We work 8-10 hours a day in groups of no more than 8 to ensure each person gets all of the attention they need. By the time you leave this program you will have all the required skills to feel comfortable taking on just about anyone who may need your service. You will have time to hone your craft and ensure you are the gold standard in order to operate a service that will be safe, comfortable and truly make a difference. This training program is exactly the same as the 2 day option, but with an additional 20 hours of hands on in person training and feedback to ensure you are comfortable before offering sessions.