Can I ask for a massage? How about advice?

The Cuddlers are not licensed massage therapists and should not be asked to alleviate soreness of muscles. They are also not trained therapists and any input/advice should be taken as personal insight, not professional advice. Even those who are trained in other professions, should not be held to those standards during cuddle sessions as this is a separate service. We would prefer you consider your session a massage for the mind, and instead of us offering advice we prefer to generally offer compassionate listening as we find that most of us just need an open ear. Most of us have plenty of people telling what we are doing wrong or what we could be doing better. We will do our best to offer support and encouragement for you to work through your own problems without being told what to do. You are smart. You likely don’t need us to tell you how to live your life. If you really do want the personal opinions of your cuddler, you are welcome to ask for it though.

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