What about discounts?

Can you get a discount you ask? Sure! Read below before registering to see how you can save some sweet moolah.

Online Training:
Approximately once a year we offer a discount for online training. The only way to find out about any current offers is through our facebook page. Follow us on Facebook to see if you can save some money: facebook.com/certifiedcuddlers

In Person Training:
Our in person training program is available at a discount if we have multiple students. If you would like to wait to attend a full class in order to receive the maximum discount please email support@certifiedcuddlers.com and let us know which dates you are available for and how many students you are requesting to work with. We offer $200 off per person, up to four students per class.
Example: If we have two students the total cost will be $2,100 each instead of $2,500 each or if we have three students the total cost will be $1,900 each.

*Our in person training includes a lifetime membership to CertifiedCuddlers.com and access to our online certification program at no extra cost for continuing education materials.

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