What makes Certified Cuddlers different than other certification programs available?

We are the only company that requires a minimum of 30 hours of training prior to certification. The creator of the certification programs, Samantha Hess, has more than 130,000 minutes of paid professional cuddling experience with clients of a multitude of backgrounds, challenges, and situations. She has utilized her experience to create a program that allows anyone to become skilled, knowledgeable, and safe for all appropriate clients. We teach our cuddlers on a multitude of cuddle poses and customization options, self care, avoiding codependency, security measures, how to conduct consultations appropriately, and more. Certified Cuddlers does not take a cut of the money from sessions like many other companies do. We also do not charge a monthly fee to be listed on our site. Our cuddlers sign an oath to ensure we are all following the same rules. If one of our cuddlers is reported to be stepping outside the bounds of the oath or rules, we ban them from our site, revoke their certification, charge them $5,000, and if appropriate, file police reports to ensure we only maintain people who want to do this in a platonic and ethical manner. We are serious about ensuring everyone is transparent. That is also why our cuddlers are never allowed to accept tips. None of our cuddlers offer sexually oriented services along with this service, and there is no secret menu. We all abide by a strict code of ethics and work hard to provide the care and consideration each person deserves. Our goal as a company is to ensure each person has the skills and abilities to be true professionals. We aren’t here to get rich. We care about making sure that as many people as possible have safe and comfortable access to platonic touch to help improve their lives. We want to change the world, one hug at a time.

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