What other certification options are available?

For those who are able to travel to Portland, Oregon we also offer a hands on training program with personalized small group instruction with up to 8 participants and up to a week of on site training with Samantha Hess, the founder of Cuddle Up To Me and Certified Cuddlers. There are 2 options for hands on training. There is a 2 Day Course with a manual mailed to you in advance to learn basics with the help of people you trust, then 2 days of hands on training on site with Samantha. The other option is a 4-5 day course which includes 40 hours of on site training so you learn everything you need to know directly from Samantha with personalized feedback along the way. No need to prepare for this course in advance. The on site training for both programs also includes 5 training sessions with active clients of Cuddle Up To Me who are familiar with the process and are comfortable giving honest feedback to ensure you are ready to take on a variety of new clients back home.

If you are unable to make it to Portland we offer an online course that utilizes your local support system for practice. Information can be found here: www.certifiedcuddlers.com/onlinecertification

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