Which Course Is For Me?

Here is a description of each training option:

Online Certification

(Bronze level one time fee of $299 plus $49 annual renewal to maintain certification)

The online certification will allow you to complete basic concepts and techniques with the help of your local support system. You will follow along on video instruction, read through a manual that will teach you the ins and outs of how to conduct consultations, ensure you are taking on only appropriate clients, self care, avoiding codependency, security measures and more.  We also require that each online training participant completes a minimum of 5 training consultations and cuddle sessions with people who are willing to submit a survey about their experience so we can confirm you are ready to take on paying clients. There is also an online exam to pass before submitting your information so you can start taking on clients of your own! While this is a very simple version of the training, it will give you enough to get started and earn the income needed to take the hands on training if you decide you’d like to learn even more!

2 Day Hands on Training

(Silver level- one time fee of $900-$1,600* plus $49 annual renewal to maintain certification)

This program has a paper manual that is sent ahead of time with many of the cuddle poses and basic information that most people will feel comfortable learning without face to face instruction in about 20 hours including practice sessions completed with friends and family prior to arrival. Once you have the basics down you will schedule a time to visit Portland, Oregon to complete the more challenging concepts and get direct feedback from Samantha Hess to ensure you have all the tools and practice you need to thrive as a true professional.

We will cover the following on site:

  • Up to 20 hours of in person training in a group of no more than 8 always lead by Samantha Hess at Cuddle Up To Me in Portland, Oregon

  • The full arsenal of cuddle poses, currently over 70 will be practiced and perfected.

  • Personalized feedback from Samantha Hess on poses, hand placement, speed and pressure of movement and implied intention.

  • Basic instruction on what poses to use and in what order to ensure productive sessions to meet individual client’s needs.

  • Detailed business practice guidelines

  • Client forms and business administration forms

  • Detailed safety/security guidelines

  • Personalized feedback and instruction for running consultations effectively

  • Feedback and practice running sessions prior to engaging with real clients

  • Media guidelines

  • Social media guidelines

  • Emergency guidelines

  • Basic information on handling difficult clients (boundary pushers, understanding the needs of clients with physical/mental challenges, trauma victims, fetishes, etc.)

  • Verbiage for guiding sessions

  • Customization options for cuddle poses

  • Personalized feedback on your business logos, website, social media pages, etc. from Samantha Hess

  • 5 trial sessions with active clients of Cuddle Up To Me with feedback from each person

5 Day Courses

(Gold level- one time fee of $1,600-$3,200* plus $49 annual renewal to maintain certification)

If you work best with more one on one attention and prefer to have lots of time for questions and feedback on all topics covered the 5 day courses are best for you. We will start with the basics and teach you every step of the way in one on one or small groups with loads of individual attention. You will not need to prepare for this course as we will teach you everything you need to know on site. The 5 day classes are 8 hour days. This course covers everything in the 2 day class, but without you having to know anything prior to arrival in Portland.

 *discounts available for those who book early.


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