Are you ready to join our cuddlution? My team and I are looking for empathetic souls who share our vision to take over the world in the best possible way- through love and cuddles! Our mission is simple: make sure every human knows they matter and they are not alone. We all go through moments in life where we feel unwanted, unloved, unaccepted, and just plain invisible. Our belief is that when these moments hit we should all know that we have someone who cares about us, even if we don’t have family, friends, or romantic partners who we feel we can turn to. You are never alone. Not with us around. If this sounds like your mission in life, welcome! We are so glad you found us! We look forward to working with you because together we will change the world, one hug at a time. Please read our FAQ below to find out what you can expect with each available option and how to sign up when you are ready. If you have questions prior to signing up not listed here please email us anytime at We can’t wait for you to join our team of professionals!

Peace, Love, and Cuddles,

Samantha Hess

Certification Info:

The goal of Professional Cuddling is to provide people a safe space to feel respected, accepted, and worthy for exactly who they are. At Certified Cuddlers we do this through one on one, fully clothed, platonic cuddle sessions utilizing clear rules, consent, and ongoing open communication from both sides. Our goal is to ensure you know you matter and that you are loved as you are. You don’t have to be the perfect version of yourself before you are accepted and appreciated. As Certified Cuddlers and as fellow humans, we are grateful for you as you are in this moment. Cuddle sessions may or may not include touch. We are happy to meet you where you are at, help guide you through to discover what is right for you, maintain our own comfort/safety to ensure you never have to read our minds, and to listen to you without judgment if you feel like sharing.

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We are the only company that offers in person training in a successful retail cuddling studio as well as offering online certification. The creator of the certification programs, Samantha Hess, has more than 2,500 hours of paid professional cuddling experience with clients of a multitude of backgrounds, challenges, and situations. She has utilized her experience to create a program that allows anyone to become skilled, knowledgeable, and safe for all appropriate clients.

Our program is one of the most detail oriented available, and we teach our cuddlers a variety of different cuddle poses and customization options, self care, avoiding codependency, security measures, how to conduct consultations, and so much more! All of our training participants are offered a membership to online learning portal including: support discussions, video modules, and continuing education to ensure you are always up to date with the newest training available.

Certified Cuddlers does not take a cut of the money from sessions like many other companies do. We also do not charge a monthly fee to be listed on our site. Our cuddlers sign an oath to ensure we are all following the same rules.

Our program focuses on allowing you and the client to decide who guides the session. We teach you everything you need to know to guide your sessions or to be comfortable allowing the client to guide. We require each Certified Cuddler to complete five training consultations and sessions with people they trust to ensure comfort and confidence in the role of Certified Cuddler, and we will teach you the in’s and out’s of what to watch out for in cuddle poses to keep our clients in appropriate mindsets, and up to 80 poses for those who attend training in person.


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Anyone who is a Certified Cuddler has been confirmed to have the necessary background and knowledge of how to keep themselves and their clients safe no matter who they are. They have taken the time to understand the concepts around professional cuddling and they consider it an honor to work with folks of any background. Certified Cuddlers are the gold standard of the industry and hold themselves accountable to the highest level of professionalism and ethics. In other words, you know what you are getting. Transparency, clearly defined rules, and well developed skillsets in platonic touch and communication to help ensure you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. The main difference between Certified Cuddlers and other certification options available is that we have more than 3,000 hours of experience and years of work developing our detail oriented program that teaches you not only how to say no but to create flow, security for all involved, and the communication techniques that have ensured we have never had to end a session early, ever.

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Here is a description of each training option:

Online Certification

(Bronze level one time fee of $299 plus $49 annual renewal to maintain certification)

The online certification will allow you to complete basic concepts and techniques with the help of your local support system. You will follow along on video instruction, read through a manual that will teach you the ins and outs of how to conduct consultations, ensure you are taking on only appropriate clients, self care, avoiding codependency, security measures and more.  We also require that each online training participant completes a minimum of 5 training consultations and cuddle sessions with people who are willing to submit a survey about their experience so we can confirm you are ready to take on paying clients. There is also an online exam to pass before submitting your information so you can start taking on clients of your own! While this is a very simple version of the training, it will give you enough to get started and earn the income needed to take the hands on training if you decide you’d like to learn even more!

2 Day Hands on Training

(Silver level- one time fee of $900-$1,600* plus $49 annual renewal to maintain certification)

This program has a paper manual that is sent ahead of time with many of the cuddle poses and basic information that most people will feel comfortable learning without face to face instruction in about 20 hours including practice sessions completed with friends and family prior to arrival. Once you have the basics down you will schedule a time to visit Portland, Oregon to complete the more challenging concepts and get direct feedback from Samantha Hess to ensure you have all the tools and practice you need to thrive as a true professional.

We will cover the following on site:

  • Up to 20 hours of in person training in a group of no more than 8 always lead by Samantha Hess at Cuddle Up To Me in Portland, Oregon

  • The full arsenal of cuddle poses, currently over 70 will be practiced and perfected.

  • Personalized feedback from Samantha Hess on poses, hand placement, speed and pressure of movement and implied intention.

  • Basic instruction on what poses to use and in what order to ensure productive sessions to meet individual client’s needs.

  • Detailed business practice guidelines

  • Client forms and business administration forms

  • Detailed safety/security guidelines

  • Personalized feedback and instruction for running consultations effectively

  • Feedback and practice running sessions prior to engaging with real clients

  • Media guidelines

  • Social media guidelines

  • Emergency guidelines

  • Basic information on handling difficult clients (boundary pushers, understanding the needs of clients with physical/mental challenges, trauma victims, fetishes, etc.)

  • Verbiage for guiding sessions

  • Customization options for cuddle poses

  • Personalized feedback on your business logos, website, social media pages, etc. from Samantha Hess

  • 5 trial sessions with active clients of Cuddle Up To Me with feedback from each person

5 Day Courses

(Gold level- one time fee of $1,600-$3,200* plus $49 annual renewal to maintain certification)

If you work best with more one on one attention and prefer to have lots of time for questions and feedback on all topics covered the 5 day courses are best for you. We will start with the basics and teach you every step of the way in one on one or small groups with loads of individual attention. You will not need to prepare for this course as we will teach you everything you need to know on site. The 5 day classes are 8 hour days. This course covers everything in the 2 day class, but without you having to know anything prior to arrival in Portland.

 *discounts available for those who book early.


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Online certification is $79 to start, and $30 monthly membership fees ongoing including a free profile listing once certified, the 2 day program ranges from $900-$1,800, and the 4-5 day program ranges from $1,600-$3,200, depending on how early you reserve your spot (30 days or more gives the maximum discount). Click the pricing of each to learn more.

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The online certification program has approximately 30 hours of required coursework including:

  • Video instruction of 12 popular cuddle poses and how to maintain proper boundaries in each
  • A pdf manual that will cover the basics of:
    — Business practices and client forms
    — Safety/security guidelines
    — Consultation guidelines
    — Guidelines for running sessions
    — Emergency instruction
    — Self care
  • 5 trial sessions with people you trust and a survey from each to confirm standards are met
  • A quiz to ensure you have learned all required material
  • A bronze level certification and a basic listing on
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For those who are able to travel to Portland, Oregon we also offer a hands on training program with personalized small group instruction with up to 8 participants and up to a week of on site training with Samantha Hess, the founder of Cuddle Up To Me and Certified Cuddlers. There are 2 options for hands on training. There is a 2 Day Course with a manual mailed to you in advance to learn basics with the help of people you trust, then 2 days of hands on training on site with Samantha. The other option is a 4-5 day course which includes 40 hours of on site training so you learn everything you need to know directly from Samantha with personalized feedback along the way. No need to prepare for this course in advance. The on site training for both programs also includes 5 training sessions with active clients of Cuddle Up To Me who are familiar with the process and are comfortable giving honest feedback to ensure you are ready to take on a variety of new clients back home.

If you are unable to make it to Portland we offer an online course that utilizes your local support system for practice. Information can be found here:

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For Online Certification please click here to purchase the course online. We will send you a welcome email with everything you will need so you can get started immediately!

For hands on training  a nonrefundable $500 deposit is required to confirm training dates.                                               Payments are accepted through Paypal (account is under:                                                  or by check/money order payable to Fulcrum Solutions LLC.

Please mail payments to:

Cuddle Up To Me                                                                                                                                                                                    Attn: Samantha Hess                                                                                                                                                                           1015 E Burnside St                                                                                                                                                                         Portland, OR 97214                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    *Please note that if mailing payment your dates are considered tentative until your check clears. We will send confirmation once confirmed, usually within 7-10 business days. Please plan accordingly. ( the 2,4 or 5 day program) email your requested class type and dates to: If you are taking the 2 day course please plan at least 2 months lead time when requesting a date to ensure you have enough time to complete the required coursework prior to arrival. The manual will take approximately 10 days to arrive after confirmation of deposit.

We will confirm your training dates via email once we receive your deposit. The remaining balance may be paid in advance or is due upon arrival in Portland.

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Can you get a discount you ask? Sure! Read below before registering to see how you can save some sweet moolah.

What Discounts?
Here’s how you can save some money for hands on training: book early.
Here’s how much you save when you book:
* 4 or more weeks in advance: 50% off the total cost
(2 day course: $900, 4-­5 day course: $1,600)
* 3 or more weeks in advance: 40% off the total cost
(2 day course: $1,080, 4-­5 day course: $1920)
* 2 or more weeks in advance: 30% off the total cost
(2 day course: $1,260, 4­-5 day course: $2240)
* Less than 2 weeks in advance: regular price

Online Certification has an automatic introductory offer until the end of 2016 for $199.00 USD. Starting in 2017 the price will be $299.00USD with no discounts available.

What about group discounts you say? Sure! If you want to bring a friend(s) or business partner(s) to also get training we are happy to offer customized pricing to fit your scenario. Email us to see what we can work out. We are happy to bring multiple people into an existing class or set up one just for your group.


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Classes for the in person training are offered on customized dates to fit your schedule.  Please email us with the type of training program (2 or 5 day) and the dates you’re interested in to ensure we are available:  We will get back to you to confirm the dates and pricing for the inquiry. No obligation for submitting a request.

The cost for the two day program is $1,800.
The cost for the five day program is $3,200.
We currently offer a 50% discount if you book at least four weeks in advance.
The program cost above is for training only and does not include: travel, accommodations, meals, etc.

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You will need to be 18 years of age or older to become certified. You will need to feel comfortable agreeing to the  rules and oath (listed below) in order to gain your certification.

If you are completing the online certification you will need internet access, a pdf reader like Adobe, access to watch videos on YouTube, people you trust to practice with, and a least 5 people who you are comfortable completing trial consultations/sessions with who will be willing to fill out a survey about their experience so we can determine if you have achieved the necessary skill set and comfort level with one on one sessions.

If you are traveling to Portland for hands on training you will need to be able to obtain travel, accommodations, food, and any other associated needs and wants, financially and otherwise, outside of the cost of training.

You will need to have the drive and compassion to work hard to take care of yourself, have clear boundaries, be comfortable openly communicating what’s appropriate for you with your clients, be comfortable with friends, family, and the general public knowing that you offer this service, and be willing to put in the time, effort, and energy needed to be a true professional. We expect a lot out of our professionals. This cannot be just a way to make money. It won’t be worth it. It needs to be something you are driven to do because it matters.

Believe it or not, you are about to become a leader in this industry. These rules were designed by myself and a team of experts to make sure you are safe, can truly help your clients, and have a thriving cuddle business that’s a positive part of your community. That means setting clear expectations and standards of what this service is and isn’t so platonic cuddling can go mainstream. The Rules and Oath below are the first steps in ensuring we are all on the same page. Read through, ask any questions you have, and when you’re ready we will be here to guide you through getting started.

What are the rules Certified Cuddlers agree to by signing up for certification?

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to become certified.
  • You agree to follow all Professional Cuddler rules, website rules, the provided oath, as well as use supplied waivers and contracts with every client.
  • The only reasons you are able to turn down a client is if they do not qualify based on the requirements in the site & rules, or if you feel a romantic connection to them that you would have potential interest in exploring. This means you must be willing to take any appropriate client who is 18 and over regardless of gender, race, age, sexual preference, and so on. All must be welcome.
  • No touching of swimsuit/underwear areas with hands on either party involved in a session is ever allowed.
  • No sexual acts or sexual intention of any kind is permitted in a client interaction.
  • No tips may be accepted. You are allowed to include the cost of gratuity in your pricing though.
  • No gifts of monetary value over $25 USD may be accepted, and are frowned upon overall.
  • No sexual/adult services may be offered in the same location as this service or in conjunction with this service.
  • You must be sober for all working hours besides doctor prescribed medication being used as directed.
  • Dating clients is prohibited. If you decide to pursue a relationship with someone who has completed a session, they will no longer be able to see you in a professional manner. They will not be eligible to become a client of yours again for a minimum of 90 days after your last personal interaction.
  • No undergarments may be exposed and no see through clothing or lingerie is allowed by any parties involved
  • A minimum of a tank top and workout shorts that go below your fingertips for sessions are required for both parties.
  • All parties will remain fully clothed at all times.
  • Photographs used in connection with Certified Cuddlers and cuddling services must accurately depict what you look like currently,  must not show any undergarments or lingerie, including bra straps, and may not be sexually provocative. Please keep photos tasteful and professional.
  • A minimum of a phone or video chat consultation with signed paperwork and a copy of a valid state or government issued ID is required prior to a first session starting with any new client. We highly recommend you first meet each client in a public place for a consultation prior to beginning your first session for safety.
  • Sessions may not be completed in mobile locations for safety purposes. (ie: vehicles, boats or planes)
  • If you use audio or video recording of your client, you must have their written permission prior to beginning the recording.
  • No advertising on Craigslist, Backpage, or similar sites.
  • Certified Cuddlers does not collect any portion of sales from any certified individual, but to ensure safety you agree to collect funds prior to starting or extending every session. Certified Cuddlers holds no liability for unpaid sessions or collecting funds for sessions.
  • Any information obtained through the training course is considered proprietary and is not to be shared with anyone who is not a client. If we discover the information has been shared, you agree to pay a fee of $5,000.00, your certification will be revoked, and you will be banned from using the service again.
  • While Certified Cuddlers provides information on how to conduct a professional cuddling service, it is up to each Certified Cuddler to run their own business including but not limited to: determining legalities of service where offered, registering your business, record keeping, taxes, setting prices and collecting payments, data storage/protection, marketing, and obtaining insurance if required.

Here is the professional oath all Certified Cuddlers agree to:

As a Certified Cuddler:

  • I will use touch based on platonic intention only in all professional interactions.
  • I will not allow gender, religion, nationality, race, disability, sexual preference or any other biases to dictate acceptance of clients.
  • I will abide by all rules set forth in the certification manual
  • I will respect the integrity of the persons with whom I work, holding them in the strictest of confidences.
  • I will act with utmost integrity and work in an ethical manner.
  • I will, to the best of my ability, not permit shame, judgement or guilt in my interactions.
  • I will leave my personal life at home and commit to being present and mindful with each person.
  • I will obey and uphold local and international laws in all business activities.
  • I will refrain from any business conduct that would reflect adversely upon the best interest of and its ethical standards of practice.
  • I understand and will uphold, both in letter and in spirit, the rules and guidelines governing my own conduct and that of my service.
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Sure! For one on one training the costs are as follows:
One on one on site training at 1015 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214 with Samantha Hess: $100/hr including all training materials and certification. *Travel, food, accommodations, etc. are not covered under this cost.

If you’d prefer to have Samantha visit you somewhere in the United States to complete training this may also be possible. If you would like a quote for personalized on site training please email to request a phone or video consult for outbound training.

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We would love to come to you for a training or event! Samantha has taught individual and group training for one on one professional cuddling, consent, communication, inner child workshops, youth group exercise, guided couples sessions, and more! If you have something in mind or if you’d like to collaborate on an idea you are welcome to set up a phone or video consultation with Samantha to discuss the details. She will then put together a quote for costs with no obligation. Email us at to get started.

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If you have a question we have not yet answered, please submit your request below. Please note that this will be seen publicly. If you prefer to ask a private question please use this form.

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  • Sherry Heller says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Do you have sample advertisements to see how one may get clients?

  • Go fook yewsulf says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Why are you ripping people off with an expensive course on how to cuddle which is common sense?

  • Plume says:


    Ever since I have heard of cuddle therapy, I have had an interest in it as I can be a very physically affectionate person and I love providing comfort and love to people. I have recently moved out of the USA and have become interested in pursuing cuddle therapy again. I was wondering if I could still join the course and become a certified cuddler even though I live in Switzerland.
    I was also wondering how safe it is for a 20 year old woman to work as a professional cuddler and how it is like building a client base.
    I am often told people tend to trust and be more comfortable around older people (it doesn’t help that I am often mistaken as younger then I am x) so I was wondering and curious to know how working as a professional cuddler at a younger age may be like.
    Though I did see that you have certified cuddlers in their 20’s so it feels reassuring in a way.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my message and replying to it:)

    • 6371wpczar says:

      We do have cuddlers around the world, so we welcome you from wherever you are currently at. How difficult it will be to do this work and build a client base will depend on too many factors to generalize what can be expected on an individual basis. I am a fan of the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy though (:

  • Savannah Hickok says:

    Hi. I’m interested in becoming a cuddler but not sure I want to be “independent”. So if I decide to be employed, and not an independent cuddler, what’s the pay? Thank you!

    • 6371wpczar says:

      We currently only hire for our retail space in Portland, Oregon. There are very few places that hire cuddlers directly at this point. Most places are not as up front about this information, but with any company that does not have a retail space for you to work out of currently you are your own small business owner. Sole proprietorships are inexpensive and sometimes free to set up depending on your jurisdiction. For information on our pay rate for local employees to Portland please visit this site:

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you guys have any cuddlers in El Paso Texas?

  • Ryan says:

    Will I be asked to stop cuddling if I obtain an erection while cuddling?
    I wouldn’t use it but it could happen.

    • 6371wpczar says:

      As long as you are comfortable moving yourself and your thoughts to avoid any misconduct this shouldn’t cause any issues. It’s rare that arousal happens due to the nature of the sessions, but if it does happen we ask you to simply move yourself so the professional is not in contact with this part of you. We are great at being the big spoon (:

  • Angela says:

    How do you advertise or aquire clients? It seems to me like that would be the hardest part of it all is actually aquiring a client base. I’m sure many ppl are hesitant to this type of thing & the ppl open to it are the ones that are looking for more than what’s allowed or than what I’d wanna offer. I’d be interested in doing this IF I knew I could establish a client base that’d at least cover the fees I’d be out for training.

    • 6371wpczar says:

      A big part of what drives appropriate clientele to us is avoiding advertising in places that would be socially acceptable for people who offer the important but completely seperate sexually oriented services. We do cover marketing in our program as well as ongoing support to ensure you have every chance of success. While no one can guarantee how many clients one may find, we will be here to support and guide you to success every step of the way.

      • Elizabeth says:

        As per Advertisement…

        Upon becoming certified, is the allowance of advertising on social media ok? And posting to groups that would be supportive, such as spiritual awareness – consciousness groups?

        • 6371wpczar says:

          Great question. Advertising is allowed on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The only restrictions would be websites like craigslist or backpage where potentially less legitimate work is posted. The goal is to get people who do this work out of the shadows and producing legitimized and sustainable business practices that are clearly defined, always platonic, and highly ethical in nature.

  • Mary Green says:

    Does the Cuddlers works as independent contractors and need a tax ID number? Can Senior Citizens in good health become Certified Cuddlers and if so, do they have any clients?

    • 6371wpczar says:

      With every company that currently certifies folks in this field you are considered a small business owner or independent contractor as far as I am aware. None of them employ the people listed on their sites. Anyone 18 or over is welcome to work in this field. Everyone has different wants and needs. I don’t see why an upper age limit would be necessary. Everyone is welcome.

  • Marianne COLLIER says:

    So there any “orphaned babies or sickie kids?

    • 6371wpczar says:

      For liability purposes we are currently only able to work with folks 18 or older. There are a few volunteer programs at hospitals around the country, but I’m not aware of any certification for paid work to cuddle with babies or children. If you find any we would love to help pass information along.

  • Katja says:

    What are the rules in the waiver you are required to sign?

  • Marianne Geffon says:

    What do I do to sign up for the online course?

    • 6371wpczar says:

      We would love to have you join us. If you are looking for our online certification it is important that you first thoroughly read this entire page: Online Certification Requirements

      If you are comfortable with everything required to get your certification you can then click here to purchase the course.

      Once you add the course to your cart the page will redirect to the Cart where you follow the prompts to enter in your information and complete your purchase. On the receipt page when you are all done a link will be available for you to click on to immediately begin the coursework!

  • Cathy says:

    In your experience, How have persons dealing with issues related to sexual abuse tolerate the participation in Certified Cuddling sessions?

    • 6371wpczar says:

      Our hands on training program goes over these types of situations in detail to ensure our professionals have all the training and experience to ensure the safety ans comfort of all parties involved. Without proper training it can be extremely damaging for someone who has experienced trauma of any kind.

  • Jolie Siegel says:

    I want to be a certified cuddler and work for you here in Portland! I just learned about this and I congratulate you on this movement towards consent and platonic touch. What is my first step?

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