The Rules:

* All touch given and received will be done with non-sexual intent. We are not here to push the boundaries of what is considered sexual and platonic, so if there is a question about whether something is appropriate, ask first or simply don’t do it.

* If you do have a physical reaction to the cuddle session, it’s ok. Please ensure you move yourself so that it may dissipate on its own. Any part of your anatomy that is in a state of physical arousal should not be in physical contact with your cuddler.

* A minimum of a tank top and workout shorts are required for all parties. No undergarments/lingerie may be visible. Dress comfortably. Cuddling can get warm, so most people will feel comfortable on top of the covers with shorts/leggings and a t-shirt or tank top.

* Touch with hands is only allowed outside of swimsuit areas, specifically including the chest in the front and hip region all the way around for all genders.

* Hands are to remain outside of clothing at all times. This includes not going under shirt sleeves, or moving clothing out of the way to find the skin underneath. If clothing moves out of place, allow the person to move it back themselves; this is not an opportunity to push boundaries.

* No kissing of any kind, anywhere is allowed. Yes, even pecks on top of the head or cheek need to be avoided when with your Certified Cuddler.

* Tickling is generally not appropriate in this situation, and if it happens accidentally it needs to stop immediately unless consent is obtained.

* We both agree to verbalize any unwanted actions, but if you don’t feel comfortable speaking up, either party can “tap out” with 2 quick taps to any appropriate area to indicate all actions should be stopped immediately. We will then reset and discuss any actions that need to be avoided if appropriate.

* At the time of a session, I am free of colds, open wounds, or anything else that may be contagious through skin to skin contact or through bodily fluids. If I have a paper cut or small wound that is covered by a band-aid, I will discuss this before the session begins.

* I will ensure adequate hygiene is obtained to ensure the comfort of both parties including: not wearing any scents (including perfume, cologne, essential oils or the smell of smoke on your clothes or skin), teeth brushed prior to appointment, all clothing (and bedding used) will be freshly laundered, and I will be freshly showered.

* The professional may give session details including name, location, time and length of session to a 3rd party and may subsequently verify their safety upon completion of the session using a code that will be uniquely used to confirm they are not under duress. If they are unable to provide the code within 1 hour of the session ending, the police may be dispatched to the location of the appointment.

* Prepayment is required up front. If additional time is requested during a session, payment must be made immediately and the 3rd party may need to be updated.

* The professional reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will decline any session requests at their discretion.

* The professional reserves the right to carry a self defense weapon with them.

* If either party feels unsafe or uncomfortable a session may be stopped at any time, but no refunds will be given regardless of why the session ends.

* Certified Cuddlers and anyone I work from this site with will not be held responsible for any property loss that may occur, or for any injuries that may result from a session. I hereby release the company and site users from any and all liability (except for gross negligence and/or willful misconduct) for such incidents.

If you are comfortable agreeing to all the rules above please click here or scroll down to find your local cuddler! You will find a picture, information about each person, and how to contact someone to set up a consultation.

Find A Cuddler

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Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Name: Anna Joy (pronounced Ah-nah Joy)
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA (98103)
Among the profound gifts of touch: improved sleep and focus, lifted mood, a place to process grief, joy. From a client: "I'm so used to being the one care-taking and doing the holding that it was nice to just enjoy. I am grateful for all the care, energy, honesty and empathy you put into our sessions." 🙂
Session Types Offered:Virtual Check-ins and Virtual Reiki *In Person Sessions are on hold indefinitely*
Session Length Available: 1-3 hours
Cost: $90/hour
Payment Options:cash, venmo, paypal
Contact: or and include your name, phone number, and why you're interested in a session. I aim to respond within 24 hours.


Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Name: Philips
About Me: 20’s
Hi, I'm Philips. I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’m here to give cuddles and support to you!
Languages: Thai, English
Session Types Offered: Outbound
Inbound Session Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Outbound Travel Options: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Session Length Available: 20-90 minutes
Cost: $1/minute plus travel
Travel Cost: $1/min of travel if over 10 mins
Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer
FacebookInstant Message    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Globally
Name: Amrita Cuddle Bliss (Amrita Ling)
About Me: 40's, 5' 4", medium built, curvy
A powerful influencer and force of love, compassion, truth, kindness through my own life journey of lived experiences. Emissary of Love and Truth. Soul/heart guide for the remembrance and rebirthing of Divine Humanity and the resurrection of heaven-on-earth, within and without, one heart at a time.
Session Types Offered: Inbound / Outbound
Travel Options: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Globally
Travel Cost: upon request
Session Length Available: 1hr - 5hrs
Cost: upon request
Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit ( Prepayment required for booking confirmation)

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Name: Keeley Shoup
About Me: Extroverted goofball. Also a big nerd. 5'9" with blue hair!
I’ve always intuitively understood the power of nurturing touch. I've dedicated my life to bringing platonic healing touch to people who need it. Even though touch improves your overall health, it can sometimes be intimidating. Good communication, clear boundaries, and active listening make it a lot less scary. I practice all three in every session. You get my undivided attention and unconditional love. It’s a completely judgement-free zone custom tailored to you.
Come as you are; leave feeling nurtured, seen, and oh-so-loved.
Session Types Offered: Inbound / Outbound
Travel Cost for Outbound: Varies
Session Length Available: 1-6 hour sessions available. Increments of 30 minutes
Cost: $200/hr
Payment Options: Cash, Credit/Debit(fee), PayPal

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Name: Crystal Lynn
About Me: About Me: 4'11"
I have always had an interest in promoting acceptance and love. I am excited to be a part of this movement. "You cannot change others. You can only change yourself, but by changing you, you can change the world." I am grateful for the opportunity to join Samantha, along with my fellow cuddlers in changing the world!
Session Types Offered: Inbound/Outbound for those who cannot navigate stairs
Inbound Session Location: Metta: A Healing Arts Community, 5118 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Session Length Available: 30 minutes - 5 hours
Inbound Cost: $80 per hour
Outbound Cost:Quotes upon request
Travel Options: Up to 50 miles outside of Pittsburgh
Payment Options:Cash, Paypal, Debit
Contact:,, 412-368-2409

Location: Los Angeles, California
Name: Fei Wyatt
About Me: 5’3”, early 30’s
I already love you unconditionally. In our sessions together, you’ll experience a profound acceptance. That often leads to growth and deep insight. "The Lap of Luxury" is my favorite: put your head in my lap and I'll play with your hair.
Come as you are; leave feeling nurtured, seen, and oh-so-loved.
Session Types Offered: Inbound / Outbound
Inbound Session Location: West Los Angeles (90025)
Travel Options: Up to 15 miles
Travel Cost: $40/hour round trip
Session Length Available: 1-3 hours
Cost: $80/hour
Payment Options: Cash, Credit/Debit, Paypal/Venmo
Contact:, (323) 905-4847,
Location: Orange, CA
Name: Grace
About Me: 5’7”, mid 50’s, maternal energy
I’m compassionate and empathetic, making me an ideal person to provide comfort for those experiencing loneliness or simply needing the healing energy of human touch. As a certified coach, I have years of experience working with individuals and am especially in tune with those healing from emotional trauma and grief. I help people with my nurturing and supportive approach.
Session Types Offered: Inbound (when I am able to begin seeing clients again)
Inbound Session Location: Orange, CA
Session Length Available: 60 minute minimum
Languages: English, I can get along in Spanish, but not 100% fluent
Cost: $80/hour
Payment Options: PayPal, VenMo. Payment accepted in advance.,


Location: Twentynine Palms, Ca and Orange, Ca
Name: Jillian
About Me: 6’, 30’s
I’m genuine and compassionate with a ton of energy to spend on others. I love helping others through encouraging words, positive touch, and active listening. Touch is a part of life people don’t pay enough attention to, I want to help spread the knowledge and love with you.
Session Types Offered: Inbound/Outbound
Inbound Session Locations: Twentynine Palms, CA and Orange, CA
Outbound Travel Options: USA
Session Length Available: 1hr min. inbound, 2hr+ outbound (depending on distance)
Cost: Inbound $100/hr, Outbound $120/hr plus travel outside local area
Travel Cost: Quotes upon request
Payment Options: Cash, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp
Contact:, FB: @ModestEnvy, Twitter:@ModestEnvy, IG: @ModestEnvy17

Location: Denver, Colorado
Name: Karis
Location: Denver metro and Evergreen, CO
About Me: 5’6” Squishy, huggable, compassionate and caring.
My goal is to circulate as much love in the world as I can. Let me start with you! I will hold an emotionally safe space for you to relax, alleviate stress, connect and heal. We all deserve to thrive, so let me cuddle you into the next phase of your journey. I'm also happy to sit with you in the moments when you need to not be ok.
Session Types Offered: Outbound
Travel Options: USA
Travel Cost: Free within 30 minutes of 80207, $30/hr for travel further than 30 minutes
Session Length Available: 30 minutes to 5 hours
Cost: $60/hr. and Senior discount of $50/hr. for those 62 and older
Payment Options: Cash, PayPal, Credit/Debit card
Contact:, 720-675-8126,

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Name: Izzy
About Me: 6'1", age 20, pansexual trans woman, INFP, highly affectionate, highly sensitive, empath
People tell me all the time that I give the best hugs, and I have always loved hugs and cuddles with a flaming passion. I also very much have a natural urge to help those who may be experiencing emotional or other distress, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you need to be held by someone who cares! <3
Session Types Offered: Inbound / Outbound
Inbound Session Location: Decatur area, zip code: 30030
Travel Options: Metro Atlanta
Session Length Available: 30 minutes - 5 hours
Inbound Cost: $60 per hour
Inbound Cost:$60 per hour plus travel costs (quotes upon request)
Payment Options: Cash, check, PayPal


Aledo, Quad Cities Illinois
Name: Lisa Jean
About Me: Height: 5’3 Age: 46 Personality: INFJ. Caring, Compassionate, & Empathetic
Relieving stress, relaxation & pain relief are my specialties. I am a great listener. No guessing. I am clear in what is expected & what will happen.
Session Types Offered: Outbound
Travel Options: I travel on the Illinois side of the river.
Travel Cost: Some travel expenses may apply depending on distance & frequency. Contact for quote
Session Length Available: 0.5-4 hours
Cost: $1 a minute
Payment Options: Most Payment Options Accepted

Location: Springfield, Missouri
Name: Don
About Me: Height 6’, 40’s
That which we see in others reflects ourselves. If we wish to see change, we must be change.
I strive to strengthen the "Namaste" with everyone I encounter. A smile, a cuddle, a listening ear, or a shoulder. I am there, I care.
Session Types Offered: Outbound
Travel Options: Springfield Metro Area
Session Length Available: 30 minutes – 2 hours
Cost: $1 a minute
Payment Options:Cash, PayPal

Location: Missoula, Montana
Name: Lauren
About Me: 27, 5'7", I'm a compassionate soul that loves to understand people on a deep level but also knows how to keep things light and fun.
People feel accepted and calm around me. I'll sooth your worries and help you relax back into the present moment. Come to my snuggle parties to learn important communication skills, make new friends, and strengthen community. Or cuddle with me one on one to get the full benefit of my warm and accepting energy.
Session Types Offered: Outbound
Travel Options: Missoula, MT and surrounding areas. Sessions in your home or outside where we can enjoy our beautiful city!
Travel Cost: $1/min + $1/min of travel if over 10 mins
Session Length Available: 30 minutes – 4 hours
Cost: $1 per minute
Payment Options: Cash. Credit/Debit
Contact:, (406)493-5410,
Location: Portland, Oregon
Name: Cam Cuddles
About Me: 6’, early 30’s
My energy is grounded, and giving. You’ll feel welcome, and loved in my big arms. I can be silly or sensitive. Your session will surely cure what ails you.
Session Types Offered: Outbound
Travel Options: Washington, Oregon
Travel Costs: $40 per hour each way
Session Length Available: 30 minutes-5 hours, Overnight
Cost: $80 per hour
Payment Options: Cash, PayPal, Credit/Debit
Oak Harbor, Washington
Name: Jewelian Russell
About Me: Mid 40's, approximately 130 lbs, little spoon
I am excited to be available for those who may need assistance to overcome social anxiety and learn to trust their own abilities to set boundaries. Whatever the reason, I am available to the isolated, lonely and perhaps even disabled. No discrimination, I am excited to assist in healing the heart and create a space for unconditional love.
Session Types Offered: Outbound
Travel Options: Island and Skagit counties
Travel Cost: upon request
Session Length Available: 30 minutes
Cost: $40 for 30 minutes
Availability:Mon-Sat 12pm-4pm
Payment Options: Cash only
Contact: 360-499-6443,